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about scholars private College


About Scholars Private College

Welcome to SCHOLARS' GROUP OF SCHOOLS comprising SCHOLARS PREPARATORY COLLEGE and SCHOLARS PRIVATE COLLEGE, where outstanding scholars are groomed. We develop our students to attain ahigh level of academic excellence and as well instill discipline in them. Our teachers are well qualified, highly dedicated with good years of working experience. We have robust Information and Communication Technology (ICT) facilities; this enables us to run computer-based test (CBT) in both assessment and examination.

You can kick-start your child's academic career with Scholars Private College & take full advantage of our Technology Innovations to enhance excellent performance of the child.

Our students do theelectronic assignment (e-assignment) through their portal and as well have access to different educational resources like software, video, games, e-book, mobile apps and so on. Results can be checked and printed anytime, anywhere by our students and alumni too can print their transcript and testimonial online.


Scholars Group of Schools is one of the forerunners when it comes to adopting technology into education. We embrace technology so much in the areas of teaching, learning, communication, research, and administration. Based on the dynamic nature of technology, we always do our best to adopt the latest technology as regards all areas of school activities.

Our students enjoy various technological resources in the course of learning. They have access to various educational videos, software, ebook, games and electronic library. These they can access anytime, anywhere. During school hours, they do attend audio-visual classes in addition to the regular classes. They also get electronic homework every week on different subjects. We also use computer based examination system in addition to the normally written examination system.

Apart from using technology as teaching aids, our teaching staff carries out alarge percentage of all other activities online ranging from result computation, attendance marking, homework, thescheme of work, lecture notes and so on. Our non-academic staff is not left out, fees management, transport management, communication, payroll management and son on are done online.