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Government, WAEC, NECO, NABTEB Approved

Our School Programmes & Techniques

School Programmes & Techniques for Academic Excellence

1.         Daily Open Test (DOT):
Seven questions in three to four subjects are given to students everyday including Saturday with the school DOT time table. Students are expected to answer these questions per day and submit on the assembly. The answer sheets are marked and then returned to students before corrections are given to student in their respective classes. After the marked answer sheets have been returned to students, anyone who fails to score up to the required make is disciplined on the assembly. DOT carries 10% of the total marks in each subject for each student per term.
2.         Organised Practical Classes:
Practical classes are conducted in these subjects: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Agricultural Science, Computer Studies, Home Economics, Basic Science and Basic Technology. Each of the subjects mentioned above takes one day of the week for practical class.
Computer Studies Practical include the following topic:
[i]        How to create e-mail                      [ii]       Website Designing
[iii]     Desktop Publishing                         [iv]      Word Processing etc,
3.         School Continuous Assessment (CA) Monthly Test:
Tests are conducted at the end of every month in various subjects for students in all classes. This serves as the school continuous assessment (CA) for the term.
4.         Holiday Assignment Paper:
Assignments are given to students in selected subjects each holiday. This helps             prepare the students ahead of the academic work for the following term.
5.         Seminars:
[i]        Adire                                                  [ii] Yoghurt/Ice cream
[iii]     Meat Pie                                            [iv] Computer/Electronic Repair
[v]       Soap and Detergent Making          [vi] Art Work: Drawing, Design and Writing
[vii]     Hat/Cap Making                              [viii] Handset Repair
[ix]      Body/Hair Cream Making etc.     
6.         Discussion Classes
7.         Teachers’ Monitoring Report
8.         Term Project
9.         Vocabulary Development Technique:
[i]        Spelling Bee
[ii]       Readers Are Leaders (Readers Club)
10.       Arithmetic Foundation Class
11.        Computer Based Test (CBT) Test and Examinations JS 1 – 3 and SS 1 – 3 students.
12.       Principal Test
13.       Academic Sanitation Exercise (ASE):
[i]        Organised Students Notebook Marking Exercise
[ii]       Fail-My-Test-and-Get-Punished Exercise
14.       Guidance and Counselling
15.       Library Hour
16.       Awards:
[i]        Best Academic Student Award in each class
[ii]       Most Punctual Student Award
[iii]     Best in Neatness Award per week. etc.
17.       School Football Club
18.       Projects


School Seminar Programme: Scholars Group of Schools Akure seminar programme are listed below:
1.         The Destructive Monster:
[i]        Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)  
[ii]       Human Immunes Deficiency Virus (HIV)
[iii]     Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
[iv]      Severe and Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)
[v]       Drug Abuse:
[a] Reality [b] Reformation [c] Rehabilitation
[vi]      Cultism
2.         Career Talk
3.         Choreography
4.         Examination Success:
It’s Requirements: [a] Determination [b] Perseverance [c] Perspiration
5.         Leadership Potential in Youth – How to Identify Your Potentials
6.         Debate
7.         Quiz Competition:
Every Fortnight Quiz Competition
8.         Educational Film Shows
9.         Recitation:
[i]        Biblical Recitation                           [ii] Poem Recitation
[iii]     National Anthem Recitation         [iii] National Pledge Recitation
[iv]      Nigerian Past Heads of State and Presidents and current affair related      recitation etc.
10.       School Fellowship Messages:
[i]        Samuel's Example of Lily in the mire
[ii]       The Prodigal Son
[iii]     Stubbornness:
[a]       Causes
[b]       Consequences
[c]       How to curb it/Solutions
[iv]      Joseph's Example of Integrity and Endurance
[v]       Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego's Example
[vi]      Modern Technology:
[a] Its uses
[ii] Its Misuses
[vii]     Academic Difficulties and their Solutions
[viii]   Esther's Challenges and how she overcame.

Counselling Session:
1.         Choice of Career
2.         Computer Technology
3.         Health and Medical Guide
4.         Spiritual Needs
5.         Higher Institution Admission Procedure (Home and Abroad)
6.         Psychologically Related Problems of Teenagers and Solutions
7.         Teacher–Student Relationship Seminar

Interactive Session
1.         Primary School (Primary 1 - 6)
2.         Junior Secondary School Students (JS 1 - 3)
3.         Senior Secondary School Students (SS 1 - 3)
4.         Students Awaiting Higher Institution Admission (SAA)
5.         Technical School Students (TSS)
6.         Higher Institution Students (HSS)
7.         Apprentices