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Government, WAEC, NECO, NABTEB Approved

Scholars Rules and Regulations

Scholars Rules and Regulation

The following rules and regulations shall govern the behavior and conduct of students of Scholars Private College:

  1. New students must submit one white, armless plastic chair. The chair becomes the school property. School lockers are free for all students.
  2. Do not spoil or destroy any of the school properties. If you do you will replace it with two new ones.
  3. Lateness to the school is prohibited. After 8:00am, no student will be allowed into the school premises.
  4. No sagging of trousers. Any of such trousers will be seized and returned at the end of the term.
  5. Disobedience to management and staff is a serious offence. Disobedient students will be dealt with.
  6. Students must not come to school with an un-recommended hair style per week. Defaulters will be punished.
  7. Male students must wear low cut always.
  8. Camera and smart phones are totally prohibited in the school. Simple phones are the only ones allowed in the school.
  9. Students must be properly dressed with approved school uniform. No style of school uniform is allowed. Any student who is not properly dressed will have his/her school uniform seized.
  10. The approved school sandal is black with black belt or brown with brown belt. Other ones will be seized.
  11. Quarrelling and fighting are not allowed. Defaulters will be dismissed from the school after investigation.
  12. Do not attempt to steal. Thieves will be dismissed from the school immediately after investigation.
  13. Assembly programme is compulsory for all students. Student must submit school daily assignment on the assembly every day.
  14. All students must speak English language. Defaulters would be made to pay a fine for speaking vernacular.
  15. Students must do and submit their assignment on the assembly on daily basis.
  16. Do not sneak out of the school premises.
  17. All fees paid are not refundable.

Scholars Code of Conduct

The code below has been enacted  by Scholars Private College to ensure that an atmosphere to teaching and learning is continuously maintained during the period slated for learning in the school.

  1. No student shall be permitted to enter the school’s premises for lessons EXCEPT on the grounds that he/she presents his/her ID card to any of the authorized persons/checkers that demands the presentation.
  2. At the beginning of every month, every student must pay his/her school fees before such may be given the chance to receive lectures for the term.
  3. This school regards as grave crimes such vices as noise-making, jeering at staff, sexual harassment against staff/students, hooliganism, gangsterism , thuggery, vandalism or any other vices that may jeopardize the smooth running of the school’s activites. Commission of any of such crimes listed above attracts summary dismissal of the offender(s).
  4. All student of this school are expected to wear the school uniform to school.
  5. No student of this school is permitted to bring any car, mobile phones, radio, tape recorder, camera to the school for use either before, during or after lectures.
  6. No student of this school may smoke, bring or receive visitors during lesson hours, liter the surroundings or leave the school premises except at the time such a student is permitted to leave.
  7. Infringement of any of the rules above can attract disciplinary measures ranging from sending students out of class, suspension, to complete withdrawal from the school.