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Often times proprietors and proprietresses do ask the question: Sir, How can I grow my school?
The following are tips to successfully grow your school:
1. Ensure a clean and neat school premises at all times.
2. Offer subjects or courses that are not common in other schools. Language Subjects like French, Arabic, Italian languages will help.
3. Offer entrepreneur subjects such as: Fashion designing, Fine Art subjects etc.
4. Ensure  you embark on, at least, one major project in your school premises every term or session. Don't allow your school to remain the same. Parents like to see new construction, reconstruction, innovation, renovation, maintenance as often as possible.
5. Your school building: classrooms, offices, library, laboratories etc. should be properly beautified and ventilated. Fans or and Air-conditioning systems should be installed.
6. Employ qualified, hardworking and dedicated staff and make sure you motivate them adequately. The quality and strength of your staff go a long way in ensuring consistent growth and development of your school.
7. Constant power supply should be maintained either by public power supply (NEPA), or by Generating set, or by Solar system or Wind power system. If you are financially capable, you can have two, three or all of these available in your school.
8. Learning and Recreational Resources and Materials such as learning toys, wall charts, Audio-visual etc. resources must NOT be an option.
9. For schools that operate KindergartenNursery and Boarding services, Beds, Mattresses, Mattresses Cots, Carriers must be provided in adequate quantities.
10. School Desk/Tables and chairs etc. should be provided.
11. There should be clean and neat toilets and bathrooms with source and supply of water.
12. Advertise your school on frequent basis. If you think your school don't need advertisement you are doing a great disservice to your school. The popularity you claimed to have may exist only in your mind and in the mind of few students, staff and parents you have in the school.
13. The more you need NEW students and parents to patronize your school, the better you need to retain the existing students and parents to thrust in your school and the vision. Print and distribute school handbills, school posters, school banners, Billboards, advertise your school on Radio and Television, create social media platforms to advertise your school: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc.
14. Most importantly, be prayerful

You are created and wired by God to succeed, surely you will succeed in that school business.