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Are you planning of starting or opening a school business by September this year when another academic session will commence? Are you a school owner and want to learn better ways of managing your school business to enviable success? Then, I say, congratulations because this message is for you.


In School business, like other businesses, there are stages of growth the business will experience before getting to maturity. Don’t give yourself HYPERTENSION because your school has not grown to the stage or level you desired.


Many school owners want to start their schools this month and start making hundreds of millions of naira on weekly basis and if it doesn’t turn out to be so after few months, they start complaining. Everything created by God go through stages before they mature. You cannot plant maize today or a cocoa tree today and start to harvest a month after. Cocoa, as a cash crop, will not mature until after few years.


The same goes for all businesses, school business inclusive. So, you need to learn the stages of school growth and what to do to nurture your school to maturity.


From the day you conceived the IDEA of establishing your school to when the school MATURED, there are five (5) stages it will “grow” through. Whether you are attempting to increase your school/students population, improve profitability, improve infrastructures, embark on more building constructions or add to the strength of your staff, every school is trying to GROW.


The following are the five (5) stages of growth every school goes through:



This is the stage when you conceived the IDEA to start your school, and put together a school business plan. A good school business plan is the one that sets the course of a school lifespan. At this stage you should ask yourself:

[a] Does this school IDEA fill a need in the market?

[b] Will this school IDEA be acceptable in the market?

[c] How do you establish a school business structure?

[d] Will this IDEA yield any profit?